Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not vegan. Can I still eat your cookies?

Absolutely! When we started Bloom Cookie Co. our goal was to make a great tasting product that could be enjoyed by almost everyone, regardless of their dietary choices or restrictions.a

We like to see our cookies as an inclusive product, rather than an exclusive product.

Are your cookies gluten free?

No. Almost all our cookies contain all purpose flour. We currently offer two Gluten Sensitive options, the black forest macaroon and the Coconut Bounty bar. These are both coconut based chocolate cookies and contains no flour.

We mix and bake the gluten sensitive cookies before the rest of the product and try to ensure that they are handled with separate tongs.

Because our kitchen is not gluten free, and the way flour can become airborne, we cannot guarantee our gluten sensitive cookies will not have a bit of cross contamination. We would not recommend them for people with serious gluten allergies such as Celiac disease.

Are your cookies nut free?

Yup! Our kitchen and all our cookies are nut free. However, we do like to caution folks with allergies that any cookies with additions such as chocolate chips, dried fruit or marshmallows may have come into contact with nuts during processing (something that is unfortunately out of our hands) but we try to use nut allergy friendly products whenever we can.

Does “egg & dairy free” mean that your cookies are vegan?

Yes. Our cookies are totally vegan. We don’t use any products that contain animal products at all, including Vitamin D3 or artificial vanilla extract or red dyes (all of which are sometimes made from animal by-products).

As with our commitment to being nut, egg and dairy free, we take our commitment to providing a vegan product very seriously. If you ever have any questions about our ingredients, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Are your cookies soy free?

This is a tricky one. We don’t put any soy proteins into our cookies, but the vegan margarine that we use to ensure our cookies stay dairy free does contain soy lecithin.

We’ve done a bit of research into this and found that typically, soy allergies are usually attributed to the protein. Soy lecithin does not contain enough soy protein residue to trigger an allergic reaction, and is usually safe for people who suffer from a soy allergy. You can read a bit more here.

Admittedly there is a lot of different information online regarding this subject, so it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Our staff is very knowledgable about ingredients, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions about ingredients when in our shop.

Are your cookies sugar free?

No. We use white or brown sugar in all our cookies, with the exception of the Black Forest Macaroon, which is sweetened with agave syrup.

We don’t use alternative sugars such as stevia or coconut sugar. We’ve just found that they alter the flavour of our cookies too much, and don’t make a product we’re happy with.

Are your cookies healthy?

We get this question a lot. A vegan diet is often seen by some as healthier than a more “traditional” diet containing meat, eggs and dairy. We can’t claim to know which diet is better or more healthy. Everyone is different, and needs to make choices that they feel are best for their body and lifestyle.

We will say that our cookies are treats. They are still made with white flour, sugar and fat and like any treat, should be eaten in moderation. We strive to make a delicious and high quality product, but would never want to mislead anyone into thinking that a cookie is a health food.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!