This Halloween

Happy Holidays from Bloom!

Whether you're looking to simplify your holiday baking this year or wanting to send your friends, family, or clients a lovely gift, we've got a variety of box options available.

Want to build a box of your faves? Our box builder allows you to choose as many cookies and cookie cups as you'd like. Or select one of our set box options for a quick & easy gift.

Pickup and Delivery is closed for the week of Christmas (Dec 20 - Dec 23) but is available for the week after (Dec 27 -  Dec 30)

Orders for the week of Dec 20-23rd are now closed. 

Thank you for your support! Orders are now closed for the pickup and delivery leading up to Christmas. Our shop will be open Tuesday, Dec 20th to Friday, December 23rd for walk-in orders.

Pickup and Delivery is still available for the week after Christmas, December 27-30, with deliveries taking place on December 30th.

Quick & Easy Box Options

Simple and quick if you don't want to customize your box. Simply add to cart and pick up at our store.

More details

  1. Do you deliver?
    Yes, we do normally, however all deliveries spots are closed for the holiday season. We do however have delivery spots available for the week after Christmas, with deliveries taking place on December 30th. 
  2. Can I pick-up my order in store
    Pick-up is available Tuesday to Saturday from 10-5pm. You are able to build your box online. 

    Simply select "Pick-Up" at checkout and choose a day and time to pick up. We will prepare your order in time for you to pick-up. 

  3. Do you offer individually wrapped options?
    We offer an individually wrapped box of 1 dozen. Cookies will come wrapped in a compostable cello bag with ingredient label. This is a great option for offices or workplaces adhering to COVID-19 health protocols.

    Please allow us 2 days to prepare your order. Email for more details.

  4. I want to make a large order for my clients. Can you accomodate this?
    Absolutely. Rather than making numerous individual orders, send us an email at to place a larger order. We can provide you with an estimate and work with you for either pick up or delivery.